Securing workstations

Securing exchanges

Securing data

Achieving compliance

We ensure the security of your environments through a range of innovative services

Securing workstations and servers

Managed Next Generation Antivirus
EDR protection for desktops and servers enables detection of sophisticated malicious activity and facilitates incident response. This managed service combines proactive identification of potential security issues with reactivity to handle the escalated alerts.
Patch Management
System updates or patch management keeps your workstations and servers up to date with the latest security patches. DFi Service works.
Vulnerability management
The vulnerability management service allows you to proactively detect and identify vulnerabilities in your information system. This service automatically assesses the danger of the vulnerabilities discovered, and thus prioritises the corrective actions to be carried out on your IT assets.
Device Management (MDM)
Protect corporate data through an enterprise mobility management service:
- Manage the mobile devices your employees use to access data
- Protect your corporate information by controlling how your employees access and share it
- Verify that devices and applications comply with corporate security requirements
Our policies, procedures and guidelines meet best practice requirements

Securing data

Encryption at rest
Strengthen confidentiality and prevent loss of information of sensitive data by encrypting data at rest.
Encryption in transit
Enhance the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data by encrypting it in transit.
Data backup
Back up your critical data in the DFi Service Cloud infrastructure or in a public Cloud solution
Data classification
Identify and classify confidential company documents to determine if the data is at risk and implement controls to mitigate the risk.
Each deployment is adapted to your level of cyber maturity and risk exposure

Secure exchanges

Email traffic filtering to prevent unwanted and malicious emails from reaching your users' email.
Email security
Digital signature or encryption of emails to guarantee the identity of the sender and recipient and ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the content of the messages.
Secure connection
Guarantee secure external access to company resources (inter-site VPN and mobile employees).
Complete support for your data security projects


ISO27001 support
The ISO 27001 standard is the reference for data security management systems worldwide. It is aimed at all companies that manage sensitive data or that wish to increase their level of cyber maturity.