An approach combining security and modernity

Our solutions guarantee efficient and secure communication

Infrastructure security
Optimisation and availability

Your information system must have optimal protection. We provide our expertise to secure your infrastructures and applications:

Controlled network access


In order to reach your corporate network in complete security, whether you are travelling or no, we can install and configure your VPN/VPNSSL access as well as maintain and update the system.


Installing a firewall to filter incoming and outgoing traffic on your corporate network is a key point in the security of your information system. Its management and configuration requires in-depth knowledge in order to follow best practices. DFi relieves you of this task through daily management.

Modern network architecture

Networking issues have evolved over the last few years and now require a fresh perspective to understand current and future needs.

Hyper WiFi®
Mobility has never been so simple and agile

A packaged offer that integrates the design, deployment, administration and support of your wireless network infrastructure. Meet the challenges of mobility within your organisation by deploying a reliable, secure and scalable Wi-Fi infrastructure. Optimise your productivity with a cloud-based solution, managed by experts, integrating a modular service. The Hyper WiFi® solution is the assurance of benefiting from a high quality WiFi infrastructure, operated by a team of experts allowing you to mobilise your IT teams on your company's business priorities. It is an offer giving you the possibility to choose and dispose of the active elements (terminals, switches) in OPEX or CAPEX.

With Hyper WiFi®, you benefit from the following advantages :
These technologies make new uses possible in real time

Our partners

To ensure that you benefit from the best IT and technological solutions, we have maintained close links for many years with the most important players in the IT industry and the creators of the most effective software on the market.