A team of experts guides you in the adoption and integration of new technologies.

Benefit from the experience and expertise of DFi

Understand your context and your challenges

To carry out an inventory of your current situation, to identify the risks and to allow you to have a realistic and neutral vision of your information system at a given moment.

This stage enables us to identify the current state and to define an action plan to modernise or redefine your target architecture.
A customised and adapted architecture

According to your needs, our teams create architectures adapted to your challenges.

Our scope of action allows you to take full advantage of the benefits of each technology according to the specific needs of each application and use.
Managing your entire project

Based on recognised project management standards, we help you define a precise migration plan.

Our project management teams will assist you during all phases of the migration and will guarantee the success of the project.
Improve your existing solution

Whether technical or financial, this service can be provided at any time during the life of a project.

Our experts can assist you with various services:
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