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Leadership: directive management is outdated

Should the current chain of command be reviewed? The answer from Thierry Blanc, director of governance DFI Service.

Source, Agefi, 15 May 2018 –

The most common management in companies is, without a doubt, the chain of command This means that communication always takes place through a manager.

The disadvantage of this approach is that empowering the manager does not serve the company. Moreover, in terms of efficiency, this solution is questionable to say the least.

Above all, this type of management discourages the best people and encourages them to leave the company. Worse still, employees become disengaged. As for new talent, they are not attracted to these companies. Finally, sooner or later, this type of management will repel future customers. The solution is not to set up a gym or organise yoga sessions thinking that this will transform the situation of employees, improve their well-being and commitment to work.


The real transformation is that today there are no longer ‘knowers’ on one side and ‘doers’ on the other. The concentration of power in the hands of a decision-making body is therefore no longer the case.

Speaker: Thierry Blanc,  Director of Governance DFI