Security awareness event

DFi participated in the annual event of a Geneva financial institution to raise awareness of IT risks.

To compensate for the weakness of its employees, DFi Service consultants led live sessions at the Grand Hotel Kempinski in Geneva on 13 December.

As you often hear in the media these days, many companies have been hacked by ransomware attacks. Today, an EMS (Etablissements Médicaux et Sociaux) in Switzerland had to pay a significant amount of money to recover its data.

The phishing attack started with a malicious email sent to employees.

Information security is often seen as a technological problem, which is why the human aspect is often the weakest link in an organisation’s information system. Indeed, all employees are part of the “chain” of security controls in place around the organisation’s assets.

A financial institution in Geneva organised an internal campaign for all the group’s staff (50 people) to raise awareness of IT risks. These sessions will allow the company to consolidate its security posture by raising awareness of the importance of the human factor. Once the sessions have been completed, all employees will be able to understand the information security risks enabling them to protect assets on a human level (fraud, phishing, social engineering, etc.) but also to inform the IT department when suspicious events are detected.