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cybersecurity: time to take stock!


When we talk about cybersecurity it is always to alert companies and everyone that malware, ransomware or any other malicious file can have major repercussions on information systems.

Source, Agefi, 06 March 2018

I would like to provide another view of the current situation. Contrary to most marketing messages from vendors, consulting firms, analysts or solution providers, security professionals have significantly improved the technical level of companies.

The headlines are not representative of the efforts made. For me, the conclusion is unequivocal: security is improving. It is true that there are many more attackers, many more things to attack (we can think of connected objects). Attackers now have access to a much wider range of capabilities and technologies than in the past. Malware has become available to a wider range of people, who may not have an exceptional technical level. But more accessible capabilities and technologies alone cannot set the trend for enterprise security.