Reinforce the level of protection of your environments by combining technologies and good practices in order to reduce the risks of exposure.

Define together the appropriate security level

Web Application Firewall
Accessible from anywhere, your website is constantly exposed to attacks that can damage your image and your data. Especially if the technology with which it was developed is not regularly updated.
Cybersniper DNS Firewall
Just like the world, the cybersphere has many resources, but also dangers. The number of companies affected by cyber attacks on a daily basis is proves it.
Security awareness
Technology alone is not enough to maintain a high level of security for your information systems, your employees also have a role to play in this respect. Their ability to detect risks, but also to adopt good practices, is crucial.
With the DFi Security Center, you will benefit from daily support to prevent, detect and respond to security incidents thanks to the support of experts, but also from proven processes and technologies.
A project, a question

Intrusion into your systems, detection and response to incidents, digital investigation, security of industrial control systems, our certified experts are at your disposal to advise you and support your project.

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