Entrust the supervision of your environments to a Security Operations Center (SOC) to ensure real-time detection.

Proactive defence to ensure control of your infrastructure

Detect and respond to incidents to ensure the integrity of your systems

Given the diversity and evolution of threats, the defence solutions deployed by companies are no longer sufficient to prevent them all. Moreover, the multiplication of technologies, tools and suppliers often prevents a company from having a global vision of its information system.

The DFi Security Center makes it possible to respond to these problems. You can count on a global, proactive and efficient service, which will enable you to reduce the risks of intrusions and unavailability of your most critical components. . In addition to identifying and preventing threats, this comprehensive solution will also help you reduce response times and simplify administration.

Above all, it will enable you to ensure business continuity through continuous security monitoring by relying on :

Key figures

1 billion

events ingested per day


Advanced investigations per month


Major incidents handled per month

Our services

Proactive services to limit the probability of an incident occurring
  • Vulnerability scanning

  • DataLeak monitoring

  • Domain name monitoring

  • Security audit

Basic detection
Detecting and responding to security alerts
  • Vulnerability management (scan analysis and CVE review)

  • SIEM alert and event management

  • Network flow analysis (NIDS)

Advanced detection
Detect advanced and persistent threats (APT)
  • Threat Hunting

  • Anomaly Detection (Machine Learning)

  • Malware Analysis (Dynamic and Static)

  • Advanced network protocol analysis (NIDS)

  • Threat Intelligence

Incident Response
Tailor the response to the threat
  • Automated Response

  • Tailored incident response

  • Forensics

  • Reverse Engineering

Our certifications and accreditations


CERT-DFi is ISO27001 certified




CERT-DFi is a member of the FIRST network

Trusted Infroducer
Trusted Infroducer

CERT-DFi is listed on Trusted Introducer

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Intrusion into your systems, incident detection and response, digital investigation, industrial control system security, our certified experts are available to advise you and support your project.

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