Respond to security incidents by providing an analysis of the origin and scope of the attack.

Tailored intervention to limit the impact

Response to incidents on demand
Some networks may be affected by attacks or malwares whose propagation paralyses company's activities. In this context, containing the threat and restoring the functioning of the system most often requires the skills of experts experienced in hacking techniques, but above all in the incident response process.
Forensic investigation
In the event of incidents, the collection and analysis of digital traces and data (forensic investigation) makes it possible to determine the origins of the attack and its aims.
Phishing analysis and response
Solution integrated into the email client, which allows users to report suspicious emails directly to the DFi Service security teams. The e-mails reported are categorised and analysed by our engineers in order to determine the level of risk and to be able to take the necessary proactive actions.
With the DFi Security Center, you will benefit from daily support to prevent, detect and respond to security incidents thanks to the support of experts, but also from proven processes and technologies.
A projet, a question

Intrusion into your systems, detection and response to incidents, digital investigation, security of industrial control systems, our certified experts are at your disposal to advise you and support your project.

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