Press Security

Cybersniper: hackers and viruses in focus

The proliferation of sensitive data, the increase in leaks and cyber attacks that can damage the business itself have made the issue of cybersecurity unavoidable for many companies.

Source, Media Planet – Enterprise Guide, March 28, 2018

The inventors of the Cybersniper system understood this. Their challenge is to offer optimal, complementary and accessible protection to both large and small companies. The eye wide open in the viewfinder pointed at the threats. Ready to fire.

The blue light of the 6 control screens is reflected on the face of Samuel Rossier, head of DFI’s security operations center. He is in charge of the control tower where hundreds of computer systems and exchanges of many companies are monitored.

Samuel Rossier points to a red flashing light installed at the top of his screen wall, this is the alarm that goes off at every intrusion. “It is no longer very useful to simply have anti-virus or firewalls because attacks regularly break through these walls. We are a bit like video surveillance cameras placed inside these walls to detect all suspicious movements” explains the expert. The team acts as quickly as possible to identify the threat, contain it and then eliminate it.