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DFi Service, a committed player


DFi Service is committed to sustainable development

Discover our commitments in the different areas :

As the IT sector is a major consumer of energy, it is our duty to reduce and offset our carbon footprint for a more responsible digital environment.

Thus, to limit our negative impact on the environment, we have put in place :

  • Sorting and recycling of waste in the DFi Service offices

  • The reuse of our coffee grounds as compost by the company Transvoirie
  • The recycling of our computer equipment by the Swico association (a non-profit system for taking back electrical and electronic equipment at the end of its life)
  • The use of reconditioned equipment whenever possible
  • A business travel policy that favours the use of public transport with premises easily accessible by train and carpooling
  • Local partnership with the company Farmy to offer seasonal fruit baskets to employees every week
  • We promote diversity and equal opportunities: we train apprentices, trainees and people undergoing professional retraining
  • We offer responsible working conditions with the development of a “savoir-vivre/savoir-être” charter in collaboration with employees directly
  • We have also worked on the company’s values with the external company Next Curve Strategy