OL Groupe : A HPE GreenLake and CHEOPS TECHNOLOGY success story

The OL Groupe (Olympique Lyonnais Groupe) has chosen the GreenLake Edge-to-Cloud platform from HPE and CHEOPS TECHNOLOGY to modernize its on-premise infrastructures.

As part of the renewal of its equipment, the OL Groupe has called on HPE and its partner CHEOPS TECHNOLOGY to design and integrate a modern and resilient on-premise technology platform and managed services.

The group, who owns the Olympique Lyonnais, operates its stadium, the Groupama Stadium, 365 days a year. In addition to soccer, it also operates in other areas such as event management, other major sports competitions and e-sports, as well as music shows.

The needs of this type of activity are therefore particular and require high performance in terms of availability, agility, security, resilience and profitability. The infrastructure must respond to the rapid growth of the group; a certain number of prerequisites were necessary:

    • Business continuity must be assured 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The equipment must meet this requirement. The solution: a fast DR on the two datacenters located in the Groupama Stadium and able to offer high resilience thanks to data protection solutions and StoreOnce backup systems from HPE.
    • Improving security for stadium visitors is also a priority. Improved computing and storage capabilities allow for better management of video surveillance as well as better image definition.
    • The infrastructure must support the increasing number of public events, concerts, sports and e-sports events, especially in preparation for the future LDLC Arena, which is scheduled to open in late 2023.
    • Controlling the environmental impact through efficient and flexible technological platforms. HPE’s GreenLake solution avoids over-provisioning and helps cut energy costs in half. Direct and cooling energy requirements are reduced while maintaining the option to increase storage capacity.

This new infrastructure and the services provided by CHEOPS TECHNOLOGY allow the OL Group to meet its objective of reducing its energy footprint by 20% per year.

DFi Service, a CHEOPS TECHNOLOGY subsidiary and HPE partner, offers HPE GreenLake technology to its customers so that they can have a flexible solution adapted to their needs.