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Webinar DFi Service & CybelAngel – 11 May 2021

Webinar DFi Service & CybelAngel – Mardi 11 May 2021

Identifying and stopping data leaks before irreversible damage occurs

Leaks are inevitable, damage is optional!

On Tuesday 11 May 2021 from 11am to 12pm, DFi Service will be hosting a webinar on the theme of “Identifying and stopping data leaks before irreversible damage occurs” with its partner CybelAngel.

Your company’s sensitive information is already out of your network and out of your control. Your data may be exposed on the Internet, from open databases, cloud applications or countless unsecured connected storage servers. Thanks to DFi Service and its partner CybelAngel, we will go through how, thanks to a unique solution, it is possible to prevent data leaks from becoming major security breaches.



1. Introduction DFi Service

2. Presentation CybelAngel

3. Q&A