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A new offer to fight against phishing

A new offer that allows companies to drastically reduce the risk of email attacks.

The latest studies conducted by our partners on cybersecurity risks have highlighted a sharp increase in attacks since the beginning of the year, with mainly an explosion of phishing attacks, which remains the main propagation vector for ransomware.

Indeed, cybercriminals were quick to see the crisis as a ” business opportunity “, targeting telecommuting employees who connect from less secure devices or networks.

Beyond the implementation of good security practices (VPN, multi-factor authentication, device management tool, SOC services) that it can deploy, DFi Service and its partner Cofense have defined a new managed service offering to raise awareness, educate employees and respond to these growing threats.

This new offer is based on a multi-layer approach among which we find :

  •      PhishMe : Solution allowing to organize fake phishing campaigns for the different employees of the company. The main objective is to educate and raise awareness of these risks in a fun and interactive way.
  •    Triage : Solution integrated into the email client, which allows users to report suspicious emails directly to the DFi Service security teams. The reported emails are categorized and analyzed by our engineers to determine the level of risk and to take the necessary proactive actions.


This new offering allows companies to drastically reduce the risk of email attacks by integrating easily with existing systems, with no effort on the part of the customer.

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